Oven-Ready: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

August 8, 2013
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast boxed setALMOST DONE: An all-you-can-eat spread of The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts will be wheeled out by StarVista beginning September 23rd.

Following up on our June 1st story about plans by Time-Life/StarVista to reheat the Dean Martin Roasts that were originally telecast on NBC from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, one of our star correspondents, Richard Wierzbowski, has alerted us to a report on the TVShowsOnDVD.com website that pre-orders are now being taken for The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: The Complete Collection — a 25-DVD boxed set that includes all 54 Roasts ever recorded, as well as a number of extras.

Among the latter are four Dean Martin TV specials from the mid-to-late ’70s (two editions of The Red Hot Scandals Of 1926 and two of Dean’s Place); interviews with celebrities who took part in the Roasts; featurettes (one of which contains home movies of Dean and his friends); and a 44-page accompanying book.

Also included in the package are 7 episodes of The Dean Martin Show, but be aware that all of these are edited versions that have been previously released by Time-Life. Those awaiting fresh reissues of Dean’s variety series will have to wait a little longer, but we CAN report exclusively that at the very least, The Best Of Dean and His Friends — the news about which we broke here a few weeks ago — WILL be back in Walmart stores early next year, hopefully soon to be joined by more music-rich material from Dean’s program.

In the meantime, for those licking their chops over the Dean Martin banquet on StarVista’s upcoming menu, here’s the link to the ingredients, and to put in an order, for the big Roast feast about to be served:

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: The Complete Collection

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