Dino Vino — Undiluted!

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SPINNING THE BEST OF THE WEST — PLUS ALL THE REST!: Swinging cats everywhere who dig The Dean Martin Show will doubtless be exultant over the fact that this spring, in an unprecedented move, Time-Life is releasing UNEDITED episodes of the star’s beloved variety series on DVD.

It’s a Dinophile’s dream come true!

Fans of The Dean Martin Show who eagerly downed earlier rounds of distilled offerings from the series, but found them a bit too watered-down for their taste, should have their spirits lifted sky-high by the news that the next set of DMS shots to be served up by Time-Life will be prepared just the way patrons have long clamored for them — straight up!

The title of the new collection says it all: The Dean Martin Variety Show Uncut. Due out May 22, the 3-DVD release contains 6 complete, unedited episodes chosen from the first 6 seasons of the series, marking the first time that ANY episodes of Dean’s weekly shindig have been reissued intact, in their original form.

For the first time anywhere, here is a rundown of which programs will be included in the upcoming set, along with some noteworthy details about their content:

1) Original Air Date: 3/3/66
Guest Stars: Sid Caesar, Abbe Lane, George Gobel, The Lettermen

This is the earliest of the new collection’s episodes, originally aired during the series’ first season. As with all of the programs on these DVDs, all of the music is left in place — meaning in this case that viewers will not only have the chance to see and hear such gems as Latin temptress Abbe Lane purring her way through “Sweet Pussy Cat” and “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets”, but they’ll also receive a little lyrical guidance about the facts of life from Dean via his opening number, “The Birds and The Bees”.

2) Original Air Date: 1/12/67
Guest Stars: Jackie Mason, Leslie Uggams, Allen & Rossi, Eddie Foy Jr.

Highlights include Dean starting off the program with “A Marshmallow World” and performing a lively medley with Leslie Uggams.

3) Original Air Date: 11/16/67
Guest Stars: Buddy Ebsen, Cyd Charisse, Barbara McNair, Dom DeLuise, Wisa D’Orso

Excerpts from some of the musical portions of this episode have been made available on earlier Dean Martin Show compilations — but much of what was originally telecast has never been reissued, and that leaves a lot to savor, including Dean crooning “Nevertheless” from the couch; solo performances by Cyd Charisse and Barbara McNair, followed by each of them joining Dean for a separate duet; and the trio of Dean, Buddy Ebsen and Dom DeLuise melodically maintaining a brave front with “I’ll Never Be Jealous Again”.

MUSICAL TRIFECTA: Dean, flanked by guest stars Barbara McNair on the left and Cyd Charisse on the right, prove to be both a fine-looking and fine-sounding triumvirate on the finale to the 11/16/67 edition of The Dean Martin Show.

4) Original Air Date: 12/14/67
Guest Stars: Caterina Valente, Bob Newhart, Dom DeLuise, Guy Marks

Speaking of threes, we’re treated in this outing to a triad of solo turns by Dean — “Where or When”,  “Oh, You Beautiful Doll” and “Walking On New Grass” — in addition to his joining Caterina Valente for a medley.

5) Original Air Date: 1/25/68
Guest Stars: Buck Owens, Orson Welles, Joey Heatherton, Professor Backwards

Among the pleasures to look forward to here are Dean launching the proceedings with “Things”, and later beckoning us from the couch with “Welcome To My World”. Meanwhile, besides belting out two songs of her own, the always-vivacious Joey Heatherton pairs up with Dean for a cozy rendition of “Just In Time” — the same song with which Dean serenaded Judy Holliday in the 1960 film Bells Are Ringing.

In the interest of full disclosure, and to their credit, Time-Life points out that absent from this episode is one portion of a three-song medley by Dean and Buck Owens — thus representing, of the 6 shows in the new collection, the one and only instance in which a musical number from the original broadcast had to be excised. Even in this case, though, the reason is entirely understandable, owing not to the fact that the producers were unable or unwilling to clear the music, but simply to the sad reality that the master tape on which the segment in question had been recorded was damaged, and despite valiant efforts, couldn’t be rescued.

6) Original Air Date: 2/25/71:
Guest Stars: Zero Mostel, Fred Smoot, Jackie Vernon

Given the lineup on this episode, some devotees of Dean, The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters may feel that Time-Life has saved the best for last.

Not only has most of the musical material here not been seen in over 40 years, but the show is also packed with crowd-pleasers: Dean opening with a rousing “There’s A Rainbow ’Round My Shoulder” (a different version than the one from the 9th season with which most people are familiar), then melting our hearts from the couch with “The Talk Of The Town”; Michelle DellaFave leading The Dingaling Sisters in doing “The Funky Chicken” (again, a different rendition than the well-known one from The Bob Hope Christmas Special); and for the finale…at last…for the first time ever on a commercial home video release, the inclusion of a full-length “Welcome To My World” Medley, featuring Dean surrounded by The Golddiggers, harmonizing on “I Could Write A Book”,  “Just Friends”, and “It’s Easy To Remember”.

A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: Among its numerous virtues, the forthcoming 6-DVD set from Time-Life fulfills a desire that many fans have nurtured for decades — to see the first commercial release of a complete “Welcome To My World” medley. Accompanying Dean for this sonorous songfest are The Golddiggers: (back row, l. to r.) Michelle DellaFave, Susan Lund, Wanda Bailey, Paula Cinko, Rosetta Cox, Liz Kelley and Pauline Antony; stage left of Dean, Pat Mickey; stage right of Dean, Jackie Chidsey; and in the foreground, Tara Leigh.

Even more remarkable than the coup that Time-Life has achieved in clearing all of the musical numbers for these episodes — an extraordinarily rare feat for a variety show — is the fact that they have managed to to do it while keeping the price for consumers eminently affordable. Indeed, the list price is an extremely reasonable $29.95, and as might be expected, online vendors such as Amazon (which is already taking pre-orders) are discounting it for substantially less.

All of the corporate entities involved in making possible this breakthrough release — Time-Life, NBCUniversal, and The Dean Martin Family Trust — should be applauded and commended for both their efforts and their willingness to listen to the fans. In comments posted on websites such as Amazon and our own, aficionados of The Dean Martin Show registered their sentiments with passion and en masse: They made it plain that they wanted uncut shows, and that they were open to purchasing packages with fewer episodes if that’s what it took to realize this long-sought goal.

Now that the powers that be have stepped up to the plate, it is up to all of us in the bleachers — those of us who make up the fan base, and hence, the buying public — to do our parts. And so, we urge all fans of Dean, The Golds and The Dings not only to purchase this upcoming DVD set, but also to support it by spreading the word about it far and wide. For not only does this collection offer superb entertainment and a great value in and of itself, but on top of that, well-placed sources connected with the venture have told us that if this initial group of unedited shows sells well, the door is open to more such editions in the future, drawing on the entire library of over 200 DMS episodes.

That we have reached the point where we are now demonstrates that when fans speak their minds and do so with a common purpose, they CAN make a difference. They did it with Star Trek, and they’ve done it with the revival of other franchises; let’s continue to prove that Dean Martin Show fans are no less dedicated and enthusiastic.

And we can certainly vouch for the fact that they’re no less attentive and committed to their cause. Case in point: It was one of our eagle-eyed regular participants on our Dean, Golds and Dings Facebook pageRichard Wierzbowski — who discovered the first clues that a new Uncut DVD set was in the offing, and it was his alerting us to that fact that led us to gathering the information for this report. As a result, we and all Dean Martin fans owe Richard a debt of gratitude for his vigilance, and we encourage everyone with an interest in Dean Martin and the women who sang and danced with him on his show to enjoy and participate in the conversations on our websites and in our Facebook forum.

To stay on top of developments related to Dean, The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters, with faster, more accurate and more thorough updates than you’ll find anywhere else, we invite you to follow and LIKE us on our Facebook page:

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29 Responses to Dino Vino — Undiluted!

  1. Barry says:

    I wished they started from the last shows in the 70’s and worked backed but I will take uncut shows anyday, looking forward to this new release

  2. Video Vision says:

    As we’ve seen over the years, Barry, fans of Dean‘s series seem to divide into different camps: Some favor the early seasons, others prefer the later ones, and of course, there are those who love them all equally.

    With respect to this initial release of uncut episodes, Lee Hale, who holds the title of Chief Creative Consultant on the project, along with executives at Time-Life, appear to have tried to invest the new DVDs with a representative sampling of shows from Seasons 1 through 6. And if we were to venture a guess, they probably leaned more heavily on the early years than the later ones because those who strictly want to watch Dean (as opposed to those who might also be interested in seeing The Golddiggers, Dingalings, and certain specific guest stars) tend to be more partial to episodes from the earlier seasons (indeed, those doing the choosing may well be themselves).

    Nonetheless, if this first set of unabridged shows sells briskly, we think it’s a pretty safe bet that more episodes from all seasons, including the later ones, will in time come to market.

  3. Dennis B says:

    Fantastic! A standing ovation for all who brought this happy moment about! This is Big!

  4. Denny says:

    I’m a happy man who will start spreading the word!

  5. Kylie Hughes says:

    This isn`t real !
    I hit my head last week and this has to be an hallucination, lol
    I need someone to pinch me 🙂
    All I can say for now is Yippee !

  6. Graham says:

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YES !!!!!!!
    Brilliant news. Order me 200 episodes right now……………

  7. Video Vision says:

    Indeed, Graham! If these new unabridged episodes rack up sizable sales, and that trend continues as more are released, that order of yours just might eventually be filled — gradually, to be sure, but completely nonetheless.

  8. About time we get unedited shows. Wished they would have included the 1968 Christmas show with the Sinatra family, but I will take anything they give.

  9. Video Vision says:

    Actually, Robert, to be accurate, the episode to which you referred, Christmas With The Martins and The Sinatras, was originally broadcast in December of 1967. But respecting your desire to see it reissued, we can confirm that you’re far from alone. In point of fact, it may be the program from Dean’s series that fans have requested most for re-release — which is exactly why, assuming that all of the clearances could be worked out, it would be a perfect candidate for a DVD made just in time to go under the tree.

  10. Kylie Hughes says:

    I want to congratulate The Golddiggers Super Site for getting the jump on this story and everybody involved with Time Life for bringing this wonderful dream of all Dean Martin fans to fruition.
    Saying I`m excited would be an understatement.
    I`m one of those fans who love all seasons of The Dean Martin Shows, every season was a little different but equally entertaining.
    So I`m pleased Time Life is releasing the shows in this order 🙂
    I just know these dvds are going to have big sales and I`m sure this release will be the first of many.
    And a complete Welcome to my World medley with The Golddiggers, Wow !
    I am so thrilled 🙂
    Hugs and Kisses
    from Kylie xxxoooxxx
    P.S. Not that it matters but I read these shows will be released on 3 Dvds but on Amazons site it mentions 1 Dvd ?

  11. Video Vision says:

    Kylie, we’re as excited as you and so many others are about the upcoming Uncut release, and we’re glad that you asked about the number of DVDs in the set, because it’s likely that others are confused by Amazon’s listing, as well. However, we can definitively confirm that Amazon’s information about there being only one DVD for this title is incorrect. Rest assured that the 6 episodes of The Dean Martin Variety Show Uncut are definitely on 3 DVDs, and we trust that Amazon will soon fix the error.

  12. Graham. says:

    One can only hope these uncut DVD releases get the publicity they deserve, with magazine and television promotions WORLDWIDE.
    It would be a shame that only dedicated “Deanagers” who frequent all the various internet sites that relate to Dean, get to know about them. Dean is a global icon, he deserves to be promoted around the globe.
    This could be yet another resurgence in our man’s continued popularity.
    Let’s pull out all the stops for him.
    Best regards, Graham. ( South Wales GB )

  13. Video Vision says:

    Graham, we agree wholeheartedly with your end goal, but the question remains: How do we get there?

    Realistically, the campaign has to start somewhere, and given its viral nature, we believe that the Internet in general, and social media in particular, can play a pivotal role in helping to disseminate the message that we want to articulate to a wider audience. After all, it was not only impressive sales of The Best of The Dean Martin Variety Show from Guthy-Renker, but also expressions of pent-up demand for more material from Dean’s series on a number of websites (including ours) that prompted NBCUniversal, Time-Life and The Dean Martin Family Trust to pick up where G-R left off and invest in their own Dean Martin reissue franchise.

    Likewise, calls by fans for whole, uncut episodes were undoubtedly a significant factor in bringing us to the better place where we find ourselves today.

    Make no mistake about it: We’re on the same page with you in wanting to preach the virtues of The Dean Martin Show to as many out there as possible — and that’s exactly why we urge all true believers in this cause to take part in a grassroots effort to spread the word to friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and so forth. Facebook is a great tool for doing this — indeed, the major entertainment companies utilize it all the time for precisely this purpose — so why shouldn’t we? It’s by concentrating our efforts in this way — a way that’s accessible to all of us — and working methodically to build word-of-mouth that we feel our struggle stands the best chance of gaining the attention of the broader media.

    It’s great to have a veteran Dinophile like you on the team, Graham. If we and others with the same objectives roll up our sleeves and go to work, it’s amazing what we might be able to accomplish. After all, look how far we’ve already come.

  14. James Truthseeker says:

    Congratulations, as it’s being a long time waiting.

  15. Video Vision says:

    Thank you, James. We’re glad that you’ve been with us on the journey. Hopefully, as Ol’ Blue Eyes always maintained, the best is yet to come.

  16. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Just happy to have found out about this to begin with, by just doing a little research at my end and then putting the pieces together. Any which way I or anyone who is a fan of Dino can help to get uncut versions of any show released, let alone Dean’s show, is worth the extra time invested to making this a reality and no longer a dream. Been promoting the heck out of it on Facebook and other mediums at my end and let’s just keep spreading the word and hopes other retailers besides Amazon.com will be carrying this very special DVD set of Dean’s classic program at an affordable price. It’s worth it!!!!

  17. Jonathan says:

    Finally… that is more like it!! Sold!
    P.S. Thanks Time-Life and please continue this trend.

  18. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Just spotted the official press release from Hometheaterforum.com and the cover art for the new UNCUT DM Variety Show DVD Set…http://www.hometheaterforum.com/t/319951/time-life-press-release-the-dean-martin-variety-show-uncut#post_3915083

  19. Kylie Hughes says:

    What a fantastic cover 🙂

  20. Hank Simons says:

    The cover bothers me because the pictures of Dean look like they are from his records and movies, not the TV show. I’m afraid that people will look at this and think it is part of another cheapie collection of old footage (there are lots out there!). I hope they change it before it comes out. We all want this to be a BIG success.

  21. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Hank, I do hope TL does change up the cover a bit as it looks way too bland but they have a month still to do something about it. Hoping the folks that run the website here will convince TL to actually make a few alterations to the cover art and make it nicer and more presentable.

  22. Graham. says:

    Won’t be long now………………..the clock is counting down.

  23. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    We’re a few days away from the initial release…check Best Buy stores as well as those retailers online to get this set!

  24. Joe Andolina says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Could it be I won’t have to keep searching for uncut “uncut bootleg” copies any more?!!! I will be looking forward to the commercial release of these uncut episodes.

  25. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Joe, we’re just a few days away…please spread the word and if it sells well, we could be getting more volumes of this series.

  26. Karen Brown says:

    Thanks to everybody who has made these DVD’s possible. Hopefully these are just the beginning.

  27. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Tomorrow is the day and I believe Amazon.com and other online retailers and Best Buy will have these available. The better the sales, the more likely we’ll have future episodes uncut on DVD!

  28. Joe Andolina says:

    Richard, spread the word indeed. I posted it on my facebook page. I got my set, and have fully enjoyed the first two shows from the set so far. I’m spreading the shows to one a week, just to fully relive the experience of “can’t wait till the next time Dean Martin is on”. And I must say, I CAN’T wait till I throw disc #2 in. It’s amazing how watching the shows uncut makes me feel like I’m sitting down on a Thursday again way back when!

  29. Richard Wierzbowski says:

    Joe, it’s the only way. There are multiple ways of getting the set and it’s reasonably priced as well and they’re UNCUT to boot, so why not invest like you and I did, on good wholesome entertainment that the entire family can enjoy once again? I hope sales are good enough to warrant a second and third set of this show in UNCUT formats. I hope Time-Life is listening. Facebook and twitter is the way of spreading the word right now.

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