Visions of Dean Come Into Focus


In storytelling, whether it be on the page, stage or screen, the narrative is often teased out gradually, in order to build tension and heighten interest. The technique is called “The Slow Reveal” — and it’s a term that could also serve as an apt description of the measured way that we’ve been learning details about King of Cool: the Best of The Dean Martin Variety Show.

The Golddiggers Super Site broke the news at the beginning of September that a 6-DVD Collector’s Edition would be part of Time-Life‘s second wave of reissued material from Dean’s series; and with word that the new set will, like its predecessor, be organized by original episodes, we are now the first to disclose all of the specific episodes to be included. We can’t yet provide a rundown of what the final content will be, but look for the following shows and guest stars to appear:

(1) Original Air Date: 5/5/66 (last show of the 1st season)
Guests: Bill Cosby, Liberace, Guy Marks, Dorothy Loudon

(above) Dean and Liberace

(2) Original Air Date: 3/16/72
Guests: Art Carney, Barbara McNair, Jackie Mason

(3) Original Air Date: 3/16/67
Guests: Ella Fitzgerald, Red Buttons, Edie Adams, Dom DeLuise

(4) Original Air Date: 9/23/71
Guests: Carroll O’Connor, Vikki Carr, Ruth Buzzi

(5) Original Air Date: 3/20/69
Barbara Eden, Mickey Rooney, Kate Smith, Norm Crosby

(above, l. to r.) Mickey Rooney, Barbara Eden, Dean, Kate Smith, Norm Crosby

(6) Original Air Date: 9/24/70
Guests: Shirley Jones, Peter Falk, Joe Namath, Kenny Rogers & the First Edition

(7) Original Air Date: 3/30/67
Guests: Herman’s Hermits, Eddie Fisher, Abbe Lane, Gene Barry

(above, l. to r.) Eddie Fisher, Dean, Abbe Lane, Gene Barry

(8) Original Air Date: 12/15/66
Guests: Sid Caesar, Vic Damone. Caterina Valente

(9) Original Air Date: 10/26/67
Guests: Donald O’Connor, Jonathan Winters, Flip Wilson

(10) Original Air Date: 10/22/70
Guests: Engelbert Humperdinck, Patricia Crowley

(above) Dean and Pat Crowley

(11) Original Air Date: 10/28/71
Guests: Ernest Borgnine, Elaine Stritch, Norm Crosby, Leonard Barr

(12) Original Air Date: 3/24/66
Guests: The Supremes, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Jackie Mason, Imogene Coca, Jane Morgan

(above) Dean and Imogene Coca

(13) Original Air Date: 12/9/65
Guests: Louis Armstrong, The Andrews Sisters, Carol Lawrence, Gene Baylos

(14) Original Air Date: 3/10/66
Guests: Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Mathis, Shelley Berman, Gene Sheldon

(above) Dean and Ella Fitzgerald

(15) Original Air Date: 9/26/68
Guests: Orson Welles, Edgar Bergen, Patricia Crowley, Jack Gilford, Stanley Myron Handleman

(16) Original Air Date: 4/12/73 (last show of the 8th season)
Guests: William Conrad, Nancy Sinatra

(above, l. to r.) foreground: Dom DeLuise, Kay Medford, Dean, Nancy Sinatra, William Conrad, Nipsey Russell; background: Helen Funai, Michelle DellaFave, Jayne Kennedy, Lindsay Bloom

(17) Original Air Date: 12/8/66
Guests: Robert Goulet, Deana Martin

(18) Original Air Date: 1/28/71
Guests: Bob Newhart, Celebrity Offsping: Frank Sinatra Jr.; Dean Paul, Deana and Gail Martin (Dean’s children); Lucie Arnaz & Desi Arnaz Jr.; Maureen Reagan; Meredith MacRae; Billy Hinsche

(above, l. to r.) front row: Desi Arnaz, Jr., Meredith MacRae, Dean Paul Martin, Billy Hinsche; back row: Maureen Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Jr., Deana Martin, Gail Martin, Lucie Arnaz

Of course, by now, most of us are prepared for the practical reality that not all of the tunes that originally graced the 18 episodes listed above will make it to DVD, due to the prohibitive costs, and in certain cases, preemptive restrictions, of licensing the rights for home video. But what should be music to the ears of those of us who can’t get enough of The Dean Martin Show’s sweet sounds is that Time-Life’s presentation of this new anthology reportedly features some 128 musical performances in all. The hope is that this time around, a more discerning approach has been taken with regard to the selection of musical numbers — the natural extension of that being the hope that at the very least, we’ll be treated to more songs by Dean.

We’d also note that the release date of the 6-disc set, originally scheduled for November 1, has been pushed back one week to November 8.

As we learn more about the new collection, we’ll report it here on the Super Site. To keep up with the latest developments pertaining to Dean Martin, The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters, we invite you to Like and join us on the Facebook page of our sister site, Dean, Golds and Dings:

12 Responses to Visions of Dean Come Into Focus

  1. Russell M. says:

    Potentially, this set may have a nice range of performers, depending on how much gets cut out. ( I’ll particularly be pleased if Vikki Carr and Peter Falk make it to the end product, as well as more of Dean singing.) I take it the ’70s shows might include The Golddiggers and/or The Dingalings, too?

    The delay of a week isn’t so bad; I’m thinking TimeLife want this out in time for Xmas, so better a little late than never.

    I look forward to further updates!

  2. Video Vision says:

    Of the 18 episodes in the new collection, Russell, there are actually 7 whose original telecasts featured either The Golddiggers or The Dingaling Sisters, and 3 that included “Welcome To My World” medleys. Obviously, we’ve learned not to raise our hopes too high, but as Eliza Doolittle mused in My Fair Lady, “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly”…

  3. VERY exciting news, Thanks for the info, already pre-ordered!

    Anybody wanna take a 10-1 bet that we’ll see most of these?

    You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (3/16/6– Dean 7) Guthy Renker Vol 24
    Hallelujah I Love Him So – Ella Fitzgerald (3/16/67) Guthy Renker Vol 7
    For You/I’d Climb The Highest Mountain – Dean & Ella Fitzgerald (3/16/67) Guthy Renker Vol 7
    Young At Heart (3/20/69) That’s Amore and Guthy Renker Vol 23
    Baby Face – Dean (3/30/67) Guthy Renker Vol 20
    Crosby, Sinatra and Me – Dean & Engelbert Humperdinck (10/22/70) Guthy Renker Vol 8
    Dean & the Step Brothers (3/24/66) Guthy Renker Vol 6
    Medley – Dean & Louis Armstrong (12/9/65) Guthy Renker Vol 23
    My Kind of Girl – Dean (3/10/66) Guthy Renker Special Edition
    Gershwin Medley – Dean & Ella Fitzgerald (3/10/66) Guthy Renker Vol 1

    Who’s Got The Action?

  4. Video Vision says:

    Your hunches just might turn out to be correct, Finn. But remember, that while some of the segments featured in the previous Time-Life Collector’s Edition duplicated what had already appeared on the Guthy-Renker volumes, there was also material unique to either one label’s series or the other. So while the odds may well favor your picks, our own experience has left us to conclude that when it comes to predicting which musical numbers will or won’t make it onto a Dean Martin Show DVD, what we’re basically dealing with is a crapshoot.

  5. Rejane says:

    Love to see the episode with Dino Desi and Billy, Lucie Arnaz & Frank Sinatra Jr. & Meredith McCrae!


  6. Video Vision says:

    The musical numbers in this episode were especially endearing, Rejane, so if they’re left intact — and as a bonus, the “Welcome To My World” medley is included, too — it will really be a cause for celebration.

  7. Kylie Hughes says:

    This new Time Life set looks great, some of these shows I`ve seen but there are some I haven`t and it`ll be wonderful to see fresh material.
    The first Time Life release featured material we had seen on The Guthy Renker Sets so it was a little disappointing especially having to watch Woody Allen’s stand up comedy routine.
    In the time Woody Allen took up, Dean could have sang 3 numbers, lol
    But there were some great moments too.
    If they include a Welcome to my World medley in this new release then the set is worth buying for that alone 🙂
    I know we might not see many of Deans solo numbers and I understand the reasons why better than I did with the previous release.
    But please oh please Time Life, include Dean singing Not Enough Indians and I Don`t Know What I`m Doing.
    If I get my wish I`ll be jumping for joy 🙂
    Hugs and Kisses
    from Kylie xxxoooxxx

  8. Video Vision says:

    Kylie, if even a few of the items on your wish list were to be fulfilled, we suspect that not just you, but tens of thousand of other fans of Dean’s series, would likewise jump for joy. But of course, to do so right now would be premature, and at this stage, we think the best (and most fitting) advice would be that old adage: Look before you leap. We’ll know shortly whether or not the new collection will send our spirits soaring; in the meantime, we share your hopes — especially when it comes to the “Welcome To My World” medleys, the inclusion of which would make a world of difference.

  9. Kylie Hughes says:

    I`ll try not to get my hopes too high, that was my big mistake with the first release.
    I heard they have changed the release date again although I believe it`s not far off.
    A Welcome to My World Medley would make a lot of fans, including myself very happy but if we are lucky enough to get a Welcome to my World medley, I wonder if it`ll be intact and unedited ?
    Once again the problem is getting the rights to the songs featured in the medley.
    I`m waiting anxiously for more news, lol
    I also hope if this set is successful Time Life will release more.
    Hugs and Kisses
    from Kylie xxxoooxxx

  10. Video Vision says:

    As far as we know, Kylie, the release date of Nov. 8 still holds, but if we hear otherwise, we’ll report on it.

  11. Kylie Hughes says:

    Too early for me to really comment yet, except to say even though most of Deans solo songs have been cut again.
    This set does seem to be an improvement over the first release.
    I just wanted to make a suggestion which I hope Time Life will read.
    There are 18 shows released on this set and so far the episodes have not been edited as badly as the first release.
    I understand it costs money to get the rights to the songs but why not release 9 complete episodes and use the money which would be saved by not releasing the other 9 episodes ?
    I think most fans would gladly pay for 9 complete episodes rather than 18 edited episodes.
    Hugs and Kisses
    from Kylie xxxoooxxx

  12. Video Vision says:

    That’s an excellent suggestion, Kylie, and one that’s in line with the recommendations that we made in our review of the first Dean Martin Show DVD set from Time-Life, released last spring. We’ll be posting a thorough analysis and assessment of the second DMS collection in the very near future.

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