Still Need A Little Christmas?

Santa’s sleigh may have been delayed, but at least it made it here before the end of the year. Usually by this time, of course, most people have finished celebrating Christmas, opening presents, and singing carols, and most Christmas-themed articles and television programs have already run.

But in the latter category, one notable exception in past years was the Bob Hope Christmas Special, which always aired in mid-January, because unlike other Yuletide fare, which was generally taped months in advance (Bing Crosby recorded his specials during the summer), Bob Hope’s specials were actually shot on and around Christmas Day, as he and his guest stars spent the holidays overseas, on location, with America’s armed forces.

WHERE THE LOVE LIGHT GLEAMS: (above) Bob Hope with Joey Heatherton in Dec. 1966, bringing Christmas to American troops far away from home.

By the time that Hope and crew returned to the States and the filmed sequences were developed and edited, it wasn’t until a few weeks into the new year that the Christmas show was ready to air — but consistently high ratings proved that viewers thought it worth the wait.

One of the ways in which their patience was rewarded was that Bob’s specials had prettier girls than anyone else’s (The Golddiggers, The Dingaling Sisters, Joey Heatherton, Ann-Margret, and Raquel Welch, to name but a few), and we at the Super Site are pleased to follow in those footsteps.

So, yes, our Christmas gift to our readers is a little late in arriving this year, but in this case, as we think you’ll see below, we believe that puts us in good company — reinforcing the old saw that good things come to those who wait.

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