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SOMEDAY WE’LL BE TOGETHER: (above) Michelle DellaFave (left) and Lindsay Bloom (right) Get Ready for another singing engagement. The pair, who set off a Heat Wave as two of The Dingaling Sisters on The Dean Martin Show in the early ’70s, continue to live out their dream of performing again as a team, most recently at last month’s Veterans Day Parade in Detroit (below).

Soul music is hardly new to Detroit. After all, it’s the city where elements of soul, rhythm & blues, and pop melded to form a unique and innovative sound that would sweep across the United States and find its way into every corner of the world throughout the 1960s and ’70s — the sound that would earn Detroit the nickname “Hitsville, USA”, turn Berry Gordy’s Motown Records into a multimedia empire, and that label’s roster of hot young artists into legends.

But this being The Golddiggers Super Site, it probably won’t surprise our readers to learn that the soulful visitors to Detroit to whom we refer in the title of this piece happen to be of the blonde, blue-eyed variety — as represented by the two alumnae of The Dean Martin Show’s Dingaling Sisters, Michelle DellaFave and Lindsay Bloom, who are now cultivating a loyal following of both past fans and new admirers under the moniker of their present-day act, Blue Eyed Soul.

It was just a few short weeks ago that the pair made their latest stop along the comeback trail, rolling into the Motor City and driving the crowd there wild as the star attractions at a Veterans Day Parade organized for the third year in a row by the Metropolitan Detroit Veterans Coalition.

645390981211_0_bgAIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH to keep Michelle and Lindsay from not only entertaining Vets and other devotees, but also, rubbing elbows with them.

Both active duty and retired military personnel from all branches of America’s armed services, as well as a healthy throng of patriotic civilians, lined the parade route in downtown Detroit, which began at Grand Circus Park and wound up at Cadillac Square. There, a variety of speakers, including the city’s new Mayor, Kenneth Cockrel, Jr., held forth. And then the Rolls-Royce of beauty, grace and talent — Michelle and Lindsay — topped off the event with their awe-inspiring renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner and God Bless America.

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I HEAR A SYMPHONY: Every time Michelle and Lindsay duet on the National Anthem and “God Bless America”, eyes well up, and “a thousand violins fill the air”. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, but thankfully, these two have the talent to match their good looks.

Later on, as they’ve done so many times in the past, the ladies of Blue Eyed Soul also took time out to remember those whom many in society regrettably tend to forget — hospitalized veterans. At a stop at Detroit’s VA Medical Center, the girls put on their whole show for Vets, staff, and other attendees, replete with costumes, as well as backing tracks and visuals provided by the group’s Manager, Wes Guidry.

THE WAY YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO: That’s what fans love about Michelle and Lindsay, and here they are above, doing what THEY love and do so well— bringing entertainment and joyful spirit to an appreciative audience at the Detroit VA Medical Center.
REACH OUT, I’LL BE THERE: You Can’t Hurry Love, but Michelle and Lindsay always have plenty of it to give to Veterans at VA Hospitals who’ve given so much to their country and to the world. No wonder the Vets always tell them, “I Want You Back,” and audiences of all stripes Second That Emotion.

Eventually, those who haven’t yet been fortunate enough to catch Michelle and Lindsay in person will have a chance to see them perform on their forthcoming DVD. But in the meantime, to give their fans just a fragmentary idea of how they are moving audiences wherever they go, we offer the following short excerpt from some amateur footage that was captured at the Detroit Veterans Day parade by a South Vietnamese Veteran of the Vietnam War, now living in the U.S.

To be sure, this is raw, unedited video, but we believe that the stirring, powerful emotion of the moment comes unmistakably through nonetheless:

It’s no secret that Detroit is a metropolitan area that has seen more than its share of troubles in recent months. But the sense of optimism, community, and pride among all of those on hand at the city’s Veteran’s Day festivities this year — aided in no small measure by Michelle and Lindsay’s welcome presence there — made it clear that there is a hope for, and a determination to strive for, a brighter, a more peaceful, and a more prosperous future.

lindsaydance michelledance

GOING TO A GO-GO: After a hard day’s work, our two Dancing Machines took advantage of the opportunity to Boogie Down at a local jazz club.


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