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Just Added: Michelle & Lindsay on The Rick Rydell Program (see below)

PEEKABOO!: Those Blue Eyes see you, as you get a good look at their owners — Michelle DellaFave (above) and Lindsay Bloom (below) — bringing soulful sunshine to the Northern climes of Alaska.

As they continued their Mother’s Day Weekend swing through the State nicknamed The Last Frontier, Michelle DellaFave and Lindsay Bloom were back on the air again Friday, this time as guests on not just one, but two of Alaska’s most popular AM radio talk shows — Rick Rydell‘s morning program on KENI Newsradio 650 and Eddie Burke‘s afternoon chatfest on KBYR SmartRadio 750.

With the ladies of Blue Eyed Soul thus blanketing both the AM and PM drive-time blocks, Anchorage listeners had a chance to get acquainted with the gals and learn about all of the events connected with their tour.

But in this era of the Global Village, there’s no reason for the rest of the world to feel left out. So we’re pleased to be able to present Michelle and Lindsay’s interviews from The Eddie Burke Show and The Rick Rydell Program in their entirety in the two sound clips below, which include the world premiere of samples from Blue Eyed Soul’s brand new debut album, to be released soon.

Michelle and Lindsay (above l. & r.) were very much in tune with both one another and their fans, as they spoke with Anchorage radio host Eddie Burke and gave listeners the first taste of cuts from their new album — the first one that they’ve recorded together. Hear the full segment below.

Just click the Forward Arrow button below to listen to Michelle and Lindsay on The Eddie Burke Show:

Michelle and Lindsay on The Rick Rydell Program:

SITTING PRETTY: Motorcycle Moms Lindsay and Michelle seem to rev up folks’ engines wherever they go, so it came as no surprise when they set hearts racing yet again upon their visit with some chopper-riding Vets in Alaska, on the eve of their performance at the Gold Star Mothers Banquet in Anchorage.

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