Northern Exposure

SOUL TO GO: Don’t look now, but the next time you’re traveling, that beautiful blonde you pass in the airport terminal may well be MICHELLE DELLAFAVE or LINDSAY BLOOM. The onetime Dingaling Sisters of Dean Martin Show fame, now working together again under the rubric of their new act, Blue Eyed Soul, are moving virtually non-stop these days, performing in concert, making personal and media appearances, recording albums — and, of course, like any dedicated entertainers — staying in touch with their fans.

It’s onward and upward for Blue Eyed Soul — indeed, WAY up, as they prepare to head for a weekend of engagements in America’s 49th state.

On Friday, May 9th, the pair arrives in Anchorage, where they’ll tour V.A. hospitals and perform for wounded soldiers and other military personnel. Then on Saturday, May 10 — the day before Mother’s Day — they’ll headline a banquet honoring Gold Star Mothers (those who’ve lost sons or daughters to war).

Later this month, they’ll be be taking part in Memorial Day ceremonies in Washington, DC, and have a packed schedule of events lined up in connection with the Vietnam Veterans of America Leadership Conference, slated for mid-July. Those who’d like to review their full itinerary can do so by visiting their website at

But it isn’t just our country’s Armed Forces who’ll benefit from Blue Eyed Soul’s upsurge in activity. Even before they begin accruing all of those airline bonus miles, Michelle and Lindsay are busy in the recording studio, cutting their first full-length album together, which will initially be handed out during their journey to Alaska, but which will also soon be readied for sale to all of their fans.

And since gals this good-looking should definitely be seen as well as heard, those who pine to be able to view the dynamic duo in action will be excited to learn that cameras will be rolling during both their recording sessions and their concerts, as well as for interviews and capturing other documentary-style footage. Portions of the video will be made available online to promote their CD and personal appearances, and longer segments may eventually be incorporated into a DVD that fans will be able to purchase.

Not only are their loyal supporters thrilled to witness Michelle and Lindsay’s reemergence, and gratified by their continuing devotion to the Vets, but corporate America is beginning to take notice, as well. This past week, Blue Eyed Soul’s manager, Wes Guidry, announced that he had secured the group’s first major outside sponsor, and it’s a biggie — the nation’s number one premium television service, Home Box Office.

But then, if you stop to think about it, it’s really only fitting for a first-class twin-engine jet taking off and starting to soar to have a first-class booster under its wings to help propel the flight along its noble path.

IT’S NOT TV: It’s HBO — a company with vision that apparently sees eye-to-eye with the vision of Blue Eyed Soul — namely, to give back to those who’ve given so much to their country. The pay TV giant this week signed on as Michelle and Lindsay’s first major corporate sponsor, just in time for the duo’s road trip to Alaska.
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