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BELLE AIR: Beautiful music stations may be a vanishing breed on the radio dial these days, but Dean Martin Show Dingaling Sisters Lindsay Bloom (above left) and Michelle DellaFave (above right) more than filled the void both vocally and visually when they made their broadcast media debut as BLUE EYED SOUL this past Saturday on WBZ Boston radio’s The Jordan Rich Show. The gals chatted about Dean, their days with The Dings, their current and future CDs, and their upcoming concert dates.

For years, radio stations in the United States broadcasting with 50,000 watts of power could be heard at night in areas way beyond the locale to which their call letters were assigned — often with a radius that covered a good portion of the country. Consequently, many of the nighttime personalities who took to the airwaves of these “clear-channel” super-outlets became nationally known in an era that preceded the emergence of famous latter-day talk institutions such as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh.

Today, radio has become one more branch of the “older media” that the Internet has revolutionized. With most stations now making feeds of their entire broadcast schedules available on their websites, a local station’s audience has been enlarged exponentially, to encompass any location in the world where unfettered access to the Internet can be found.

So when two world-class alumnae of The Dean Martin Show Michelle DellaFave and Lindsay Bloom — were guests recently on WBZ Boston radio’s popular Jordan Rich Show, not only their fans in the U.S., but also those around the globe, could tune in to their appearance.

Even with that international reach, the idea for the interview itself actually originated much closer to home: It was Boston resident Barry Deslauriers, a longtime devotee of both The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters, who approached WBZ and helped bring the station and the ladies together.

For those who didn’t catch the April 13 broadcast when it aired live, but wish they had, visitors to this spot are not only in luck, but in for a treat, because we at the Super Site are providing an exclusive replay of the two Blue Eyed Soulster’s segments — and in stereo to boot.

You’ll hear them chat about working with Dean and other big-name celebs, about other facets of their lives and careers, about their album releases, and about their upcoming concert engagements (you can also learn more about the latter, including the dates for their next live performance in May, by going here).

Presiding over the conversation, Jordan Rich proves not only to be a gracious host, but also a generous one, even playing several excerpts from Michelle’s debut and Gospel CDs, which can be heard on the recording presented herewith.

As for the ladies themselves, both come across as articulate, warm, personable, and quick-thinking — not so easy to achieve when the interview is conducted via a remote hookup (as opposed to being done in-studio, face-to-face with the questioner), and at an hour past the time when these gals would normally retire for the night (after all, they don’t stay beautiful by missing their beauty sleep).

But the pair pulled off the gig like the pros that they are. Just as when the spotlight hits the stage, or the cameras start rolling, when the mikes go on, Michelle and Lindsay stand ready to deliver.

And so does the following transcription of their appearance, but please be patient — it may take up to a minute to load. Once it does, though, it will play straight through.

Just click the Forward Arrow button below to begin:

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