Blue Skies Ahead For Soulful Eyeful

Movement on the release of full, uncut episodes of The Dean Martin Show may be stalled for now, but that’s hardly holding back two vivacious performers from that series, on the brink of blazing exciting new trails in their careers.

News of their nascent venture first surfaced on the Super Site…Then they wowed ’em in Washington…And now, even bigger opportunities beckon for Blue Eyed Soul.

The reunion of Michelle DellaFave — one of the most recognized members of The Golddiggers and one of the four original members of spin-off group The Dingaling Sisters — with Lindsay Bloom — the last performer hired for The Dings and who, with Michelle, was there for the foursome’s final curtain call — caused such a sensation when their newly-formed duo Blue Eyed Soul made its debut at the 25th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall that demand immediately began for them to take their act on the road.

And that’s just what they’ll be doing, thanks to Wes Guidry, who organized the November Wall concert in DC, and has now taken the reins as Blue Eyed Soul’s manager.

TRUE BLUE SOUL MATES: Michelle DellaFave (left) and Lindsay Bloom (right) flank new Blue Eyed Soul manager Wes Guidry, just after BES’s riveting performance at the Vietnam Veterans Wall concert this past November.

And what surer sign could there be in today’s world that BES has hit the big time than the fact that they now have their own website. There, fans can view photos, read background information about Michelle and Lindsay, and discover where they’ll be touring — and event organizers and venue operators can inquire about booking them for performances.

To eye this soulful new site for yourself, follow this path to the blue horizon:

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