The Ladies Honor Vets — Vets Return The Favor

Father Time was all but forgotten as eight of The Golddiggers, spanning 1968-73, welcomed fans back into their world, with the largest on-stage gathering of the group since the early 1970s. Pictured above (left to right): Susan McIver, Sheila Mann, Jackie Chidsey, Michelle DellaFave, Nancy Reichert, Wanda Bailey, Suzy Cadham, and Rosetta Cox. This shot is just one of 50 taken by photographer Gary Jean at the Nov. 10 concert. To view the others, see below.

Alright, gang, there is now such an abundance of material in our pipeline — ranging from photos and details of this past weekend’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall commemorative concert to a new story about the legal situation involving rights to The Dean Martin Show — that we have little choice but to release it in increments, lest it all become too overwhelming, both for you and for us.

So for starters, since so many of you are eager to know how the Washington concert went, we’re pleased to be able to tell you that we will be featuring some first-hand accounts of it from several of the key participants in the very near future.

But before that happens, right now, we’re delighted to be able to guide you to your first look at photos of the event. A set of very high-quality images of The Golddiggers and The Dingaling Sisters performing on-stage was captured by professional photographer Gary Jean, and thanks to a referral from the one and only Michelle DellaFave, Gary has graciously provided us with a link to a website where you can peruse all of the pics that he took last Saturday, including some covering other parts of the occasion. As you’ll see, these shots can also be purchased in a variety of print sizes, or even emblazoned on mugs and T-Shirts. Here’s where you can view all of this fine work:

SOUL COOKIN’: Michelle DellaFave (left) and Lindsay Bloom (right), who last performed together in 1973 as two of the final set of Dingaling Sisters, reunited and wowed the crowd Saturday with the debut of their brand new act, Blue Eyed Soul. More of Michelle, more of Lindsay, and more photos like the one above, shot by the show’s organizer, Wes Guidry, will be coming soon to the Super Site and to the GoldsAndDings group.

More images of the stage show snapped by the organizer of the event, Wes Guidry, including exclusive shots, such as the one above, of Dingaling Sisters spin-off Blue Eyed Soul, are on their way to the Super Site, and additional ones will be on display shortly in the Photos section of the GoldsAndDings Yahoo club, where you have to be a member to see them, but where membership is also free.

So, we hope you enjoy the first round of pictures, and we invite you to check back here often in the coming days, because there’s not only a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but quite a few nuggets sprinkled all along the way.

RED HOT: The air was pretty chilly on that mid-November day — until Michelle and Lindsay changed outfits and returned to the stage to perform “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”. Amazingly, within moments, it suddenly felt as warm as the 4th of July.
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