The Dingalings’ Indian Summer


While the calendar may tell us that the arrival of Halloween is just around the corner, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s not too far behind, the weather has been unusually balmy this fall in the Northeastern United States and in other parts of the country, as well.

So even with the school year well under way and such autumn rituals as the new television season filling our screens with all manner of programs (generally, one worse than the next), we here at the Super Site aren’t quite ready to let go of Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer just yet — especially in view of the tropical treat that we’ve managed to rustle up for all of you long-faced sand-and-surf junkies bummed over the prospect of the oncoming cold weather months.

The mercury is going to hit triple digits with this one, so grab some sunscreen and an ice cold beverage, as we turn back the clock, not just a few months, but indeed, several years…to the Spring of 1973.

That’s when four of the most gorgeous gals ever to grace a beach, a sound stage, a photo spread, or just about any place you can think of, posed for a pictorial on new beachwear fashions in what was then the best-selling magazine in America, TV Guide.

To stay true to the original, we’re presenting the whole article as it was published, complete with groovy background graphics and info about the outfits; but after all these years, we wouldn’t suggest trying to hunt down any of this apparel in your favorite boutique.

(above) Michelle DellaFave

When Dingaling Sisters Michelle DellaFave, Lindsay Bloom, Jayne Kennedy and Helen Funai appeared in this layout in May of 1973, The Dean Martin Show had already wrapped for the season and was in reruns, and sadly, the Dings had taken their final curtain call. But at least we were all left with this stunning encore that we can still cherish to this day.

(above left) Jayne Kennedy; (above right) Lindsay Bloom
(below) Helen Funai helen-150.jpg

So we hope that you’ve had Fun, Fun, Fun gazing at these images, and are picking up Good Vibrations from all of them. Wouldn’t It Be Nice if we could one day also watch these Surfer Girls in performance again on that Little Deuce Coup of a show that we’d all like to see ride the waves anew…Well, Don’t Worry Baby — it may yet happen One Fine Day.

In the meantime, all one need do is look at the lovely ladies on this page to know why we say that — even more than California Girls — we wish they all could be Dean’s Girls.

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